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Immerse yourself in the energetic world of PLAY LOUD, CREA Norfolk's vibrant live music event showcasing the best local alt-rock bands in town. Get ready to surrender to the raw power of guitars, pulsating drums, and impassioned vocals as these talented artists take the stage. With their eclectic mix of alternative rock styles, they'll transport you to a place where the music thrives and the crowd ignites. But PLAY LOUD isn't just about the music—it's a heartfelt effort to support our Play Up music club. By attending this event, you'll not only experience an unforgettable night of alt-rock bliss but also contribute to the development and nurturing of aspiring musicians. Join us as we unite our love for alt-rock, support local talent, and create an unforgettable night that will reverberate in our hearts long after the final chords fade away.

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!!PLAY LOUD!! is a CREA Norfolk Live music and fundraising event dedicated to showcasing some of the best local bands in the area!

Performances include:
Pale Imitation
We May Be Vampires
Perdon's Plan
Before After
DJ Swaley

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