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Collection Pots In Coffee Shops!

Collection Pots in a Coffee Shop Appeal" is a fundraising campaign designed to support the work that CREA Norfolk does by encouraging customers of a local coffee shop to donate spare change. The concept is simple: small pots or jars are placed at the counter of the coffee shop, and customers are invited to drop in any loose coins they may have after making a purchase.

The money collected from the pots will be used to support the community projects that CREA Norfolk operates within West Norfolk.


The aim of the campaign is to raise as much money as possible by leveraging the power of collective giving!

Not only is this an easy and affordable way for customers to make a positive difference, but it also helps to raise awareness about what it is that CREA Norfolk does. By displaying information about our work and our mission, the coffee shop can encourage customers to learn more about the organization and potentially become long-term supporters.

Overall, the "Collection Pots in a Coffee Shop Appeal" is a fun and effective way to engage the local community in supporting a good cause. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved: customers get to enjoy their coffee while making a positive impact, and CREA benefits from the generosity of the community.

Current Coffee Shops Supporting CREA!

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