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Rock On! Music for a Creative Community

by Cathy Klingler | Sep 6, 2022 | Kindness Stories

The town of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, on the east coast of the United Kingdom, has a long tradition of music and cultural activities. One of the largest music festivals in Europe is held there. It is also the home of the oldest working theatre in the United Kingdom.

While the arts may be thriving in King’s Lynn, finding resources for community programs has been a challenge. To address this need, in 2021 the nonprofit organization Crea Norfolk was established. Crea offers low-cost or free cultural programs and rehearsal space for local musicians and artists, especially young people.

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Kings Lynn Festival Too fundraiser unveils CREA Norfolk CIC 

By Lynn New Reported

Published: 10:13, 25th April 2022

On the evening of Saturday, April 16, a fundraising event for Festival Too was hosted by Kaset skatepark and music community in Lynn's Greenpark Avenue, writes Jon Seymour.

The show was put together in association with Twisted Melon and John Kramarchuk from the Play Up Music Project, officially unveiling CREA Norfolk CIC ("promoting creativity in West Norfolk").

The Play Up Music Project was originally started by John in 2019 with the aim of gathering teenage musicians together, providing them with space and equipment to meet up, jam, form bands, rehearse, make recordings and eventually perform gigs.


YMCA Norfolk and the Youth West Partnership inspire creativity and provide support for young musicians in Norfolk after partnering with the Play Up Remote Recording Project. 

By Lynn New Reported

9th October 2020 by Matthew Mckillop

The ‘Play Up Project’, which initially partnered with The Youth West Partnership in Summer 2019, was successfully bringing together 33 young musicians before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Also supported by Norfolk Music Hub, the project provided an important social space for the young musicians involved, who were invited to improve on their musical skills and confidence through regular sessions and live public performances. 

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