Youth Board

Promoting Creativity
in West Norfolk

Considered as an extension of the board of Directors, the Youth Boards voice holds a critical role in deciding, designing and implementing the mission of CREA Norfolk and the projects that CREA runs.

The Youth Board currently consists of three young people aged between thirteen and twenty-four years old.

 If you are interested to apply to be a member of the Youth Board in the future, please contact us via the website.

Emily Riggs.jpg

Emily Riggs

I'm Emily and I started working within the Play Up Project in 2019, and it was the first place I'd found in King's Lynn that allowed me to be creative within music and sing within a band. Because of the project, I'm now in a band called Perdon's plan, we've played festivals, been played on the radio and we have a 9 song album on the way. I have learnt so much and I am always continuing to learn more.