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Youth Board

Promoting Creativity
in West Norfolk

Considered as an extension of the board of Directors, the Youth Boards voice holds a critical role in deciding, designing and implementing the mission of CREA Norfolk and the projects that CREA runs.

The Youth Board currently consists of three young people aged between thirteen and twenty-four years old.

 If you are interested to apply to be a member of the Youth Board in the future, please contact us via the website.


Hi I'm Hughie and I'm training to be a music teacher in CREAs 'play up' with the intent to gain all the bells and whistles, im a musician and have been for just over 4 years now playing multiple different instruments and in many different bands, having played locations including: Festival Too, Harlequin Fayre and the Norwichs Art Centre and many more I have always loved music and am hoping to spread that love of playing and learning with students in 'play up'


Hello i’m Scarlet i’m currently studying music at CWA and i’m in my final year! I started playing Piano When I was 12 and have since fallen in love with playing and creating music. I’m currently in a band called We May Be Vampires and playing gigs with ‘The Vampires’ is one of my favourite things to do! I’m hoping to share my love of music and help young people get involved in it through play up.


Hey , my names Ben I’m a young musician studying a songwriting degree at university. I play drums, guitar and sing, I started off at “Play Up” which has given me the experience I need to play in lots of different bands, genres and venues. I love to share my knowledge and encourage other young musicians.

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