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We offer music clubs for all levels; absolute beginners to competent players. We provide a range of instruments including drum kits, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards, ukulele, cello, violin and more. Participants can also bring their own instruments.

We teach the basic skills and techniques to get participants playing. We begin with rhythm and group organization. We transfer the rhythmic skills to real instruments and teach basic chords and scales. Very quickly the group will learn to play well known cover songs together.

Apart from traditional approaches to music we also run periodic sessions on Music Technology. This is the way most Pop music has been produced for the last thirty years. It involves using laptops and specialized equipment and a variety of modern techniques; sampling, sequencing, loop-dropping, editing and audio production.

We run ‘open-to-all’ sessions during after school hours and school holidays.

We run sessions for Home Educated children in school hours.

This is for ages 10 – 18.

Those young people over fourteen who reach an intermediate level or who can already play or sing competently can join the Play Up Music Project.

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